Dokho Monastery Project

The monastic activities at the second Dokho monastery came to a halt following the tragic events of 1959. The building was damaged and the community of monks scattered. In time, what was left of the monastery came to be used as a horse farm and a storage place. Later, when religious activities were once again permitted in Tibet, small groups of monks began to congregate to study and practice. There are now 800 monks studying and practicing at the monastery. Although originally a Sakya monastery, monks from all traditions study there now.

     Tulku Nyima had wanted to spend the remainder of his life in retreat. However his two elderly teachers, Khenpo Sherab from whom he received many empowerments and instructions and his own root teacher Arig Rinpoche, both requested him to accept responsibility for the Dokho monastery. Tulku Nyima initially accepted this responsibility for three years. He since has decided to retain this responsibility until the rebuilding of the Dokho monastery is complete. Essential renovations include repairs to the old temple, monastery walls, rooms for monks, over a hundred pillars, the monastery windows, and the roof. Tulku Nyima is currently seeking help to rebuild the Dokho monastery.