Sakya Dokho Monastery

The great Sakya Lama Chögyel Phakpa In the 13th century incorporated the region of Throm in Kham while on a political mission in the region. In accordance with an earlier prophesy, the glorious lord of accomplished ones Thangtong Gyalpo in the 15th century had a mystical vision of where to found Dokho Monastery. The local deity Dulwa challenged his abilities, so he reassured the deity by indenting a rock with the imprint of a statue. This is the meaning of the name Dokho, “Indented Rock”. Thangtong Gyalpo and the King of Derge built the first Dokho monastery. Many important masters came to this monastery to turn the dharma-wheel of the profound and vast teachings of ripening and liberation.

      In the middle of the 19th century, Gonpo Namgyal, an evil tribal leader from Jakmo Valley in Nyarong, destroyed the monastery, leaving no trace of it. The great Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo prophesied that it would be fortuitous to relocate the monastery and the stupa to the lower part of the valley. Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Thaye investigated the area and spoke of the good qualities of the land there at the heart of the area of Trom, having seen the land complete with the seven mountains, eight auspicious symbols, the lotus-shape of the area of the monastery, the eight-spoked wheel in the sky, and the guardians in the four directions.  The second Dokho monastery was built there by the great caretaker of Derge, Chagö Padma Legdrub. He collected donations in Tromthar and also contributed his own wealth.